So what’s PocketLion? PocketLion is a native universal 3rd-party iOS client app for PocketSmith, an online financial tool for tracking bank and credit card transactions, budgets, cash flow.

PocketLion uses native APIs provided by PocketSmith to interact with your profile, account and transaction data on your iOS devices. PocketLion allows access your financial data on-the-go, fully edit your transactions, perform splits, assign categories and labels, view trends and budgets.logo_pl_round

Watch this short video demo of PocketLion

In order to sign in to PocketLion either a free or a paid subscription for PocketSmith is needed.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to PocketLion

  1. Brian Hardy says:

    The cash flow report doesn’t allow you to view the future….it should. I couldn’t care less as to where I’ve been. Much more interested I knowing where I’m headed. The ps site allows years in the future so the information is there, just needs to be integrated into the app. Would also be nice to have access to the calendar feature as the ps site doesn’t do well in iPhone Safari. Make those changes and it would be a home run!

    1. gabor says:

      Hi Brian. Thank you for your feedback. The future cashflow in PocketSmith only shows you what would happen in your budgets.
      This can be useful as well I will see if the API supports providing this data.

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