2016.10 release

  • Added a trend line on the recent balances chart
  • Selectable date range for recent balances chart
  • Selectable date range for Net Income and Net Worth charts
  • Bug fixes

10 thoughts on “2016.10 release

      1. patricepeau says:

        It crashes at start. basically the first time it worked nice, i was able to connect my google account and then right after the authentification, it crashed. and now even if I uninstall it and try to remove everything link to the app , if I try to open it , it crashes again and again. it weird because I can see it in the background and I can even close it , but if I try to get it active (foreground) the ui disappear. And by the way on my iPad air no problem at all, works like a charm the issue is only with my iPhone.

  1. patricepeau says:

    Ok now I tried with my wife’s iPhone 6 and I’ve got the exact same issue. seems something with google authentification. If the authentication is granted right after everything crashes

    1. patricepeau says:

      Ok I tried with an iPad mini and the issue is here as well, in fact it is when we use google authentification. So now, if I could know how to remove all data stored from your app to re start with authentification page, it will be great

  2. gabor says:

    I remember a while ago one user had issues with a google authenticated account as well. I’ll need to find out what is happening with those.
    In order to de-authenticate PocketLion you can use the PocketSmith web site:

    Settings > Security > Manage Apps

    you can revoke PocketLion there which will force re-authentication on devices.
    I’ll send you an invite on Slack, so we can talk easier to fix this.

  3. gabor says:

    Thanks let me know, I’ll create a test account with google auth and will try to re-create the issue.
    In your case can you choose to sign in to PocketSmith with either google account or PocketSmith account?

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